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Compliance Newsletter December 2009



Pay Now or Pay Later
OSHA's Top 10
HR Regulatory Update
Medical Leave
  DOT Training
Off-the-Clock Work
New Respiratory Rules

HR Webinar
Learn how to manage problem employees and decrease your liability in the event of termination.


Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dealing ethically and legally with employee performance issues and when necessary firing non-performing employees is a challenge.

Presented by: John Boggs, ESQ, Partner with Fine, Boggs and Perkins.


Pay Now or Pay Later
Kathryn Carlson

With 250 newly hired investigators, the Department of Labor is serious about prosecuting violators of Wage and Hour laws. Learn more about the renewed commitment by the Department of Labor to enforce Wage and Hour Law and how you can ensure your dealership is in compliance. 

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OSHA’s Top Most Cited Violations
Patric Timmermans

OSHA announced their top cited violations for 2009. According to Richard Fairfax, director of OSHA’s directorate of enforcement programs, 81 percent of the violations OSHA recorded throughout the year were either serious or willful violations. The number one violation by Auto Dealers is Hazard Communication.

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EHS Webinar:
Join this webinar as you can never know too much about EPA regulations.


Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009

-Are you following EPA regulations?
-Are you prepared if an EPA inspector visits?
-Are you prepared for emergencies and spills?
-Are you protecting yourself from liability?

Presented by: Peter Zaidel, EHS Product Manager.



Medical Leave Under the Americans With Disabilities Act – A Relatively New Frontier
John Boggs, Esq.
Understanding how to provide medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is not enough anymore. New laws have been enacted that impact your business, and non-compliance is not an option. Learn more about the impact of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act ( CA FEHA).
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HR Compliance Regulatory Updates
-Check your individual retirement account agreements
-Second Wave of I-9 Audits: ICE Sends Notices of Inspection to 1,000 Employers
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New Function Specific DOT Hazmat Training
KPA released a new online industry and function specific Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) training course as part of its Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) program for dealerships.
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Commute Time and “Off-the-Clock” Work
John Boggs, Esq.
In the current litigation climate, wage-and-hour claims are becoming more and more prevalent, so employers would be well advised to make sure their employees are not performing any significant work before or after clocking in or out for the day’s work, and that if they are, they are being paid for it. Learn more about how to factor commute time and “off the clock work in payroll calculations and ensure compliance.
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The EPA initial notification deadline for Body Shops is January 10, 2010
Did you know that the EPA can categorize your facility as a New Facility when you install new paint equipment, and as a result your facility may already be noncompliant? Every facility conducting vehicle spray coating operations must file an initial notification of compliance or a petition for exemption with the EPA by January 10, 2010.
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