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Compliance Newsletter October 2010


Free Webinar: How to Fire Without Triggering a Firestorm
Free Webinar: Emergency Medical Care – Are you protected?
Free Webinar: The Ten Deadly Questions


-OSHA's Multi-Employer Citation Policy
-Classify Employees Correctly
-TK Carsites at BlogWorld

  -Tire Tracking Enforcement
-New Workers Comp Requirements
-Tip of the Month
-HR Regulatory Update

Free HR Webinar:
How to Fire Without Triggering a Firestorm

Dealing with the most difficult firing cases.

Date: Thursday, October 7, 2010

Despite your best efforts at coaching, training and providing reasonable accommodations, sometimes you simply must fire a work comp claimant, an individual in a protected class or a person with the potential for violence.

Presented by: Kathryn Carlson, Product Director for HotlinkHR

Review Commission upholds OSHA's multi-employer citation policy

You’re no longer just responsible for your own employees, but may also be liable for citations due to the mistakes of your contractors. This decision sets a precedent that may increase these types of citations in the future.

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Classify Employees Correctly or Face the Consequences

Employers are facing stricter enforcement of employee classification for wage payment by the US Department of Labor along with new regulations and now, more than ever, cannot afford to misclassify employees.

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TK Carsites PartnerTK Carsites Fires Up BlogWorld 2010
BlogWorld 2010 Las Vegas is, by far, the biggest Social Media show of the year and TK Carsites expects it to be a center-ring event. As the leading authority on Automotive Social Media and an elite among social media strategists, TK Carsites will be attending with honors, led by a field visionary and accompanied by a major name on its team of Social Media Specialists (appearing as a high-profile contest winner)...
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Tire Tracking Enforcement on the Rise
Are you aware that each and every tire that is sold at your dealership must be accompanied by a completed registration for every customer? You should be.
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Compliance Tip of the MonthTip of the month: Handbooks – Make Them Matter
With the best of intentions, employers create a company handbook, distribute it to all employees, and then are puzzled when the policies are not followed. To make your company handbooks matter, make sure it is EATEN – easily understood, acknowledged, trained, enforced, needed.
Every first Monday, we will post a new compliance tip of the month. Come back frequently and stay compliant!
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New Workers’ Compensation Posting Requirements in California
California employers must update the material used to inform employees of their rights under workers’ compensation law by October 8, 2010.
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Free EHS Webinar: Emergency Medical Care – Are you protected?
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2010
In this webinar we will unravel the confusing regulations around First Aid Requirements for small business. With the First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen and AED Requirements all overlapping this can be a tricky area of compliance.


Free HR Webinar: The Ten Deadly Questions
Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010
Learn how to manage problem employees and decrease your liability in the event of termination. Dealing ethically and legally with employee performance issues and when necessary firing non-performing employees is a challenge.


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