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One Solution for Every Group Location

Ensuring compliant processes and procedures across every location in your group is a challenge. Recognizing the unique needs of every location is critical to success, which is why KPA provides Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resource, and Sales and Finance Compliance software and service, designed specifically for groups.

Manage Compliance Services from a Single Desktop

Our Environmental Health & Safety and Human Resource Management platforms allow you to have instant visibility of each of your locations, allowing you to measure regulatory risk and compliance for all levels of the organization, from corporate to facilities and individual employees. No more wading through reports to find critical information.

Take your Group to the Next Level of Compliance

KPA Environmental Health & Safety and Human Resource Management allows you to compare your facilities. Just a few minutes each day will allow you to see the top metrics for compliance for the whole organization, or drill down to detailed reports at a single facility. Whether a location needs to manage health care or update their training, you will be able to see what needs to happen and facilitate it, right from your desktop.

Access to Tools and Expert Advice

Every issue has a different solution, which is why KPA provides a variety of compliance and training tools to our clients:

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance and Training Services
Sales and Financial Compliance and Training Services
Human Resources Outsourcing, Consulting and Management