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Simple Compliance and Training Solutions for a Large Scale Operation

Staying abreast of ever changing compliance regulations is complicated enough- for multi-site operations, you need a solution that will help you address all of your challenges. Enter KPA. Our compliance assurance software is backed up by service, to keep you on the leading edge of efficiency.

Improved Compliance Processes For Every Location

Multi-location companies will especially appreciate the instant access to Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) risk management and compliance, Human Resource management, and Sales and Finance Compliance information that is available online through KPA. Our data repositories provide an at-a-glance review of employee files and requirements, training, safety inspection results, and task lists on an individual facility basis or for the entire business group.

KPA Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resources, and Sales and Finance Compliance provides efficient visibility into compliance without requiring meetings or reports.

Access to Tools and Expert Advice

Every issue has a different solution, which is why KPA provides a variety of compliance and training tools to our clients:

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance and Training Services
Sales and Financial Compliance and Training Services
Human Resources Outsourcing, Consulting and Management

Services for Complex Compliance Issues

Our platform provides you with instant access to business information for every location and automates every process you need. At a single glance you can see analytics for each location, allowing you to pinpoint exactly what items your managers need to complete next.