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Increase Profit and Lower Liability, with Complete Facility Compliance

On-site, on-call, and online EHS expertise with KPA Environmental Health & Safety training, management and compliance services. The right environmental health and safety solution will not only reduce risk, but will also decrease manager time spent on permitting, policy management, and training. With KPA you can reduce your experience modifier resulting in an average 15%+ savings on Workers’ Compensation premiums and decrease your liability insurance cost.

With over 28 years of experience in environmental consulting, KPA has the knowledge, software, and training to build you a sustainable and cost-effective environmental and safety compliance program.

EHS Management Software

Provides on-demand access to your compliance issues, safety suggestions, the KPA SDS database, accident tracking, and OSHA 300 log software.

Online EHS Training

Delivers 15+ industry and function specific trainings including emergency preparedness, accident tracking and investigation, DOT, and hazard communication.

Loss Control Services

Improve your safety culture and lower your rates for workers compensation insurance.

Safety and Compliance Programs

Identify risks and help you determine the necessary actions to meet EPA, OSHA, and DOT requirements to avoid citations and potential legal action.

Facility Audits 

Help you get back to your real business by letting experts track regulatory changes and identify deficiencies at your facility for rapid correction.

To learn more about KPA Environmental Health & Safety programs and services, view the overview sheet here.