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DOT Hazmat Training

KPA provides function and industry specific online DOT hazmat training to ensure ongoing hazardous materials compliance. We have developed DOT training courses that identify your facility specific job functions and provide you with training specific to the activities you perform.

It may not seem like a big deal to handle even a low level of hazardous materials, but it is. If you’re not qualified to pack, mark, label, or ship hazardous materials; work with hazardous waste; or transport hazardous materials, you have no business making any decisions related to them – and neither do your employees. The fines and penalties for violating the federal hazmat transportation law are quite serious. That means you can’t even label a box as a “used fuel pump” or place an airbag in an unsealed box for someone else to ship.

Online DOT Training and Certification

Any of your employees who work directly or indirectly with hazardous materials that get transported must complete DOT hazmat compliance training every three years.

How Does it Work?

Employees answer a few questions based on their job functions so they can take just the sections they need to be certified in: General Awareness, Hazardous Materials Table, Packaging and Marking & Labeling Requirements, Shipping Papers, Working with Hazardous Waste, and/or Pats Truck Operations. Employees who need full certification must take the complete course, but it’s shorter than many courses on the market and is tailored to the automotive services industry.

The Interactive hazardous materials compliance course covers how to:

  • Identify situations involving hazardous waste and determine whether or not they’re qualified to handle them
  • Determine which parts of a car are hazardous
  • Select the correct packaging for hazardous materials
  • Fill out shipping papers
  • Reference the Hazardous Materials Table
  • Determine whether a package actually complies with hazmat regulations
  • Distinguish a hazmat shipping document from a non-hazmat shipping document
  • Respond in case of a hazmat emergency

24-Hour DOT Hazmat Hotline

Anyone who handles transportation of a hazardous material that requires a hazardous materials shipping paper must include an emergency response telephone number for use in the event of an emergency involving the hazardous material. As part of our DOT services, KPA provides you with a 24-Hour DOT Hazmat hotline that meets DOT requirements, which you can include on your shipping papers.

To learn about State-specific requirements click here

Online Hazmat Compliance Resources

KPA provides a variety of online resources to help you safely and correctly ship the most common hazardous materials.

These include:

  • DOT Shipping Guide (a cheat sheet to the most commonly shipped hazmat items)
  • DOT Hazmat poster
  • DOT letter of interpretation defining a hazmat employee
  • Airbag shipping advisory