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EHS Management Software Solutions

Complete safety certification, inspection, training, logs and more online

We provide on-demand access to company EHS compliance information and training providing the big-picture visibility every organization needs: inspection reports, issue logs, Safety Committee Meetings notes, DOT and other employee certifications, and accident reports.

MyKPAonline™ is a proprietary, web-based application hosted by KPA with real-time access to your facility’s Environmental & Safety information. It provides both the big picture of your environmental and safety operations, and the specific detail of outstanding compliance issues, making it easy for you to see exactly what needs to be resolved and who’s accountable for doing so. It’s the perfect tool to help you monitor and assess your facility’s risk, and streamline your recordkeeping.

To learn more about KPA Environmental Health & Safety programs, view the overview sheet here.

Depending on your level of KPA service, myKPAonline EHS software solutions also provide access to: