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New AC Section 609 Training: Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling

AC 609 TrainingEPA Approved Certification Training

  • Updated information on the newest refrigerants, including R1234yf
  • Fully compliant with EPA's Section 609 training requirements
  • Engaging and interactive content

A streamlined process with online access

  • Individual access from any computer, any time
  • Start/stop functionality – resume where you left off as time allows
  • Take the “open book” certification test when you’re ready

On-demand records management

  • Retain course records in one easy-to-access place online
  • Easily view and print completion certificates
  • Track at the individual or group level, depending on your setup

KPA Environmental Health & Safety clients can log in to to sign up for AC 609 training for only $13/month. If you're not yet a client, contact us today to find out how KPA can address all your environment and safety needs.