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KPA Safety Loss Control Program

Lower your rates for workers compensation and garage auto liability policies with a comprehensive loss control and prevention program embedded in your company's safety operations and culture.

Rates for workers compensation and garage auto liability policies, tend to rise steadily as companies grow. However, these increases can be stopped, or even reversed, with comprehensive loss control services embedded into a company's operations and culture.

Injuries that seem minor can have a drastic effect on your business’ profitability. That's because the total cost of an injury can be 4 or 5 times greater than the amount you pay for the direct cost of treatment and compensation.

Average 40% Reduction in Workers Compensation Premiums

KPA has a proven track record of reducing direct and indirect costs of injuries. A recent survey of long-term clients showed an overall reduction of over 40% from their Workers Compensation Premiums.

Category Client Improvement Annual Savings
Workers Comp Insurance Premiums Average of 10 Clients Lowered Experience Modifier by  0.42 $40,000
Self-insured Workers’ Comp Insurance Premiums 5-Facility Group 30% reduction in accidents $3,900,000
Workers’ Comp/Garage Liability Insurance 9-Facility Group Lowered Experience Modifier by 0.35 $553,000