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Not knowing what you don’t know can be dangerous and costly.

Did you know that if you’re not complying with mandatory requirements your facility is at risk for a costly OSHA/EPA fine or even worse, a serious employee injury? Safety and environmental practices are a vital priority for each and every operation.

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Proactively identifying these safety and environmental vulnerabilities go a long way in keeping employee’s safe and protecting your facility from a hefty fine. The challenge is knowing the regulations, understanding which apply to your operations, and recognizing the hazards that your employees are exposed to. Managers need a guide!

topicGet educated on your safety and environmental liabilities today!

KPA introduces a complimentary, facility-specific, online, Environmental & Safety Risk Assessment. Educate yourself and understand your responsibilities as a manager. This comprehensive program keeps you informed of regulations that apply to you, as well as helps you create a safe environment for your employees.

Protect yourself and your operations by reduce the amount of risk you’re exposing to your facility and to your employees. Take the Risk Assessment below now!