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dummyflippeCollision Centers need a way to reduce risk and avoid citations.

Did you know that if you’re not complying with mandatory requirements your facility is at risk for a costly OSHA/EPA fine or even worse, a serious employee injury? Facilities with spray paint operations like yours expose their employees to greater potential hazards, and therefore, must meet strict, specific regulatory requirements. Top violations in the collision industry are typically issued for missing or inadequate respiratory protection, medical evaluations, training, fit testing, written programs, and AC compliance.

Are your operations at risk?

Claiming you didn’t know about certain regulatory requirements does not get you a free pass. Not knowing can be dangerous and costly. It’s your job to stay on top of compliance issues that affect your operations.

Get educated today about your responsibilities as a manager

KPA now provides NCS customers a complimentary self-assessment that shows exactly what you need to do to get compliant and create a safer working environment for your employees. Start your free assessment by clicking the link below.

The assessment will help you:

  1. Determine which topics you need to complete, since some may not apply to your facility.
  2. Complete each topic.
  3. Walk away with specific action items you need to tackle for each topic.
  4. Get additional resources for addressing outstanding action items.

Start the FREE assessment now!

KPA: What We Do

KPA helps you bulletproof your operations from fineable offenses, avoid accidents, reduce your overall risk by improving safety culture. KPA’s offerings include:

  • On-site visits: complete OSHA safety compliance management and environmental compliance services, including regularly-scheduled facility inspections, employee training, and formal Safety Committee meetings
  • On call support: around-the-clock support for EHS incidents
  • Online resources: myKPAOnline, an online safety and compliance tracking and measurement tool.