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Your Challenge

You know your dealership represents better value than your competition, but you need a unique way to convince your customers and prospects of that – something that will appeal to their desire to do business with a company that’s ethical and environmentally focused.

The Solution

The Clean Auto Alliance, partnered with KPA, has created the Environment & Safety Elite award, a nationwide program that recognizes dealers who meet or exceed benchmarks and best practices in six key environmental and safety categories. Achieving E&S Elite status means you’re committed to the health and safety of your employees, your facility, and the community and you can prove it. Now that's something that you can market to your customers and prospects.

Benefits of Becoming Environment & Safety Elite


Once you earn the E&S Elite award, you will receive marketing materials and tools to help promote your achievement. Being formally recognized for your commitment to the health and safety of your employees, your facility, and the community can provide a whole new platform for marketing your dealership to customers and prospects.

Website Integration

One of the key places customers look for information about your dealership is online. After becoming E&S Elite, you'll receive customizable HTML code to place on your website that promotes your E&S Elite status and links back to the Environment & Safety Elite website.