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I understand that it is my responsibility to report maintenance issues to my supervisor. I understand that proper training and maintenance are the keys to safe vehicle lifting.

I understand the safety quiz following this section is based on the information contained in this course. This safety course is not intended to represent everything I should know about operating an automotive lift.

I agree that this safety course is one portion of a complete training program and that on-the-job training with the lifts I use is also required.

I agree it is important to review and understand all of the related safety and operational materials that were supplied with or displayed with the automotive lifts I use.

I understand that if additional information or assistance is required, I will notify a shop supervisor, my vocational instructor and/or the manufacturer of the lift being used.

I understand that I will receive the supporting Lifting It Right Safety Manual and Safety Tips Card and I agree to read and maintain them for future reference.

I agree to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for the safe use and operation of the automotive lifts I use.

I understand that repairs should be made by qualified personnel only.

I understand that worn, damaged or broken parts should only be replaced with those approved by the original manufacturer or with parts meeting original manufacturer specifications.

I understand that KPA’s myKPAonline platform (“Platform”) enables the Automotive Lift Institute (“ALI”) to publish, store, distribute, reproduce and perform its own content, including those training videos regarding automotive lift safety (“ALI Content”). I acknowledge and agree that the Platform acts as a venue to allow users to access and view ALI Content, and that KPA does not own, manage, control or otherwise exercise any editorial control over any ALI Content. I further acknowledge and agree that ALI is solely and exclusively responsible for any content, opinion, statement, recommendation or advice contained within any ALI Content. KPA reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor or review any ALI Content at any time for any reason.

I understand that this presentation is a guide to considerations involved in the safe operation of automotive lifts. It is intended to be helpful, and the information and recommendations contained in it have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable. It is not intended as a complete presentation of all safety considerations and solutions related to automotive lifts and service. Thus, neither the ALI, nor its members, nor Heath and Associates, makes any guarantees as to or assume any responsibility for the correctness, sufficiency or completeness of such information and recommendations. Other or additional safety measures may be required under particular circumstances. Any liability on the part of the ALI, its members, and/or Heath and Associates, as a result of the information contained in this course shall be limited to the cost paid by the user for course. There shall be no liability for any incidential or consequential damages, including, but not limited to loss of profits.

This automotive lift safety video was funded and presented as an Industry service by the member companies of the Automotive lift Institute, Inc.

Original development supporting this visual presentation of “Lifting It Right” was accomplished in cooperation with the safety and health management services of The National Safety Council, and Heath and Associates. Richard Petty items licensed by Petty Marketing Company, LLC. The Richard Petty name, signature and silhouette are exclusive trademarks of Petty Marketing Company, LLC. Kyle Petty name and/or likeness used under license by Petty Marketing Company, LLC.

Wells Fargo and Company trademarks are used under license.

“Lifting It Right 2014: Online Edition” and all related elements and logos are trademarks of and © of the Automotive Lift Institute, Inc. “Lifting It Right 2014: Online Edition” @ 2014 The use of this course is licensed to a single user on a single use basis. By paying for the use of this course, you are authorized to view the content in a single use manner for a period of 90 days. Public or group viewing or display is not permitted. For additional considerations, please contact the Automotive Lift Institute at 607-756-7775.