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Sales and F&I Compliance Consulting, Training & Audits

KPA, where Sales and Finance compliance becomes profitable.

KPA provides on-site and online Sales & Finance Compliance consulting, training, and audit services to assist companies in complying with the maze of regulations that impact your sales and finance departments.

KPA Sales & Finance Compliance programs demand accountability through online training, on-site audits, on demand access to customized policies, and procedures specific to your program. Your facility benefits by providing a better overall buying experience, resulting in increased sales, more repeat and referral business, improved customer satisfaction, and higher profits.

KPA will help you assess your compliance risks and assist you in designing and implementing policies to improve your control over all aspects of your sales and finance operations and have the necessary policy and procedures mandated by State and Federal regulations.

The KPA Sales & Finance Compliance management system is designed to meet your specific needs with software, content, and on-site support options.

To learn more about KPA Sales & Finance Compliance programs, watch the short video below, or view the overview sheet here.