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F&I Compliance Consulting

Evaluate your sales, finance, and insurance with KPA

Protect your business, train your employees, and retain your customers with KPA Sales & Finance Compliance; a comprehensive program that will limit liabilities across your sales and finance departments.

With a KPA Sales & Finance Compliance consultation, you can study your strengths and weaknesses and leverage them to create a set of goals around them. Your KPA Sales & Finance Compliance expert will  then help you define processes and create actions plans, thereby ensuring your security and increasing your profit.

KPA can help you evaluate your current program and recommend improvements. Your Sales & Finance Compliance expert will assist you in:

  • Creating or updating a written Information Security Plan.
  • Creating or updating a written Identity Theft Prevention Program.
  • Creating or updating a written Sales & Finance Compliance Policy.
  • Implementing on-site Management Training.
  • Facilitating an on-site sales and finance audit.

Audit Services

KPA Sales & Finance Compliance experts can assist you in establishing government-mandated programs such as the Customer Information Security act and Red Flags Rule or can evaluate your current Sales and Finance programs and recommend improvements. In addition, these audits focus on other regulatory issues such as compliance with the FTC Used Car Rule, Monroney Act, onsite advertising, and others.

Sales & Finance Compliance audits include on-site facility and security audits, an instant findings report, and on-demand expert advice.

KPA Sales & Finance Compliance Audit Services will:

  • Reduce  your exposure to lawsuits, regulatory actions, and negative publicity.
  • Protect your valuable lender relationships.
  • Reduce costly chargebacks and contract repurchases.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Safeguard your brand and reputation.

During an onsite audit your KPA Sales & Finance Compliance Expert will:

  • Perform a physical inspection of all areas requiring secured documents.
  • Evaluate your Information Security Plan and Identity Theft Prevention Program, test for compliance, and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Assess customer information gathering process and make recommendations for improvement and Sales and Finance compliance training.

Audit Services are included in KPA's four Sales & Finance Compliance programs, Elements, Fundamentals, Core, and Pro.

To learn more about KPA Sales & Finance Compliance, view the overview sheet here.