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Sales and Finance Compliance Training

Provide your Employees with the Sales and Finance Training They Need

From department heads to office staff, the KPA Sales & Finance Compliance online-training program will impact how your dealership employees interact with consumers, market to consumers, and process deals.

Specifically designed for  dealerships, KPA Sales & Finance Compliance online training can help you increase your security by helping to train new hires on Customer Information Security, Red Flag Rules, and IRS 8300 Cash Handling.

KPA Sales & Finance Compliance Training Includes:

  • Convenient online training and testing accessible 24/7 from any computer. Your employees can train on over 100 F&I topics whenever their busy schedules allow and at their own pace.
  • Interactive content that keeps learners engaged with interesting, compelling content that is educational and entertaining. KPA’s interactive online training accommodates different learning styles, promotes knowledge through a variety of activities, and delivers standardized, consistent instruction.
  • A Learning Management System that tracks individual course progress and exam scores, ensuring that every employee reaches sales, finance, and insurance mastery.
  • Online risk assessment questionnaires, sample policies and ethics code, manage policy distribution and collect electronic employee acknowledgements, template to create a customized and compliant Information Security Plan and Identify Theft Prevention Programs, Job Descriptions for Privacy and Security Compliance Officers and Compliance Coordinator, New hire and annual online training for Customer Information Security, Red Flag Rules, and IRS 8300 Cash Handling

To learn more about KPA Sales & Finance Compliance training, view the overview sheet here.