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Unlock the right combination of personalized benefit options

It's robust, yet simple.

  • Give employees the support they need to choose a plan that best meets their needs, with options beyond health insurance
  • Medical, Dental, Life, Vision, and Voluntary plans available
  • Automate administration with our simple tools and powerful reports
  • Take the pain (and a lot of the work) out of the enrollment process

A better way to buy benefits.

Save time and energy by selecting from a lineup of thoughtfully selected product suites that fit your needs.

The right combination of cost and coverage.

Each of your employees has unique benefits needs. With Aetna Open Market, they can select their ideal coverage from a range of available products.

Medical Choose from four medical benefit suites that each include plans with a range of network sizes, out-of-pocket costs and monthly premiums
Dental Choose from the Basic dental suite with one DMO and one PPO, or the Choice dental suite that includes two DMO options and three PPO options
Vision Choose from three vision plans with varying copays and allowances
Group Insurance Choose from life, AD&D and disability options to help provide your employees and their families financial protection
Voluntary Choose Voluntary Hospital, Accident and Critical Illness plans to help your employees get protection from the unexpected


Control costs and communicate value.

Our unique defined contribution tool helps you rein in costs, and our platform walks users through each benefit type so they understand the full value of the benefits being offered. Employees enroll in 4 easy, guided steps with plenty of decision support to help them make the choice that's right for them.

Get rid of guess work.

Shopping for the right benefits can be tough. But not anymore. Our easy-to-use plan recommendation engine allows employees to quickly enter their needs and find a personalized benefits package that fits their needs.

Administration made easy.

Employers also have the benefit of our HR management platform for ongoing benefits management, premium tracking and billing administration, handling of life event changes, employee communications, and a lot more.

No matter what, we've got what you need.

With Aetna Open Market, employees get the benefit of more health care coverage choices and pick their own plans. Plus, they start to see the true dollar value of their benefits. All of this combines to build employee satisfaction, engagement and a better experience.

Think of it as a personal shopper helping users understand the options without making them feel overwhelmed.

All along the way they have help videos, financial calculators, plan comparison tools, and more to help them understand all of their options and make the best choices.

The result:

The right combination of cost and coverage:

You Your Employees
Save money Save money
Get a predictable benefits budget Understand and appreciate the value of their benefits
Give your employees a choice Get the right benefits for their needs
Streamline administrative tasks Are more engaged in their health care


Employee Enrollment in 4 Easy Steps

1. Verify your personal information

Can be uploaded by the employer or broker, or entered by the employee

2. Add any dependents

This information is used throughout enrollment to help calculate costs and recommend the right choice

3. Choose your benefits

Decision support in a myriad of forms is readily available, and updated costs are displayed with each selection

4. Confirmation

Once you have completed your selections, a confirmation screen provides a full benefits summary


For Employers

  • Secure platform
  • Billing and Reporting
  • Control Costs

For Employees

  • Easy to use
  • Decision Support

For Brokers

  • High-tech solution
  • Great for retention


How it Works

It's easier than you think to get started with Aetna Open Market and get set up with your own private healthcare exchange – run by a carrier you can trust.

1. Tell us about your organization

We'll need to know a few things to help you build your virtual benefits storefront. A few examples are below.

  • How many employees do you have?
  • What is the average age of your workforce?
  • What percentage of your employees smoke?

2. Talk to your Broker or Aetna

Next we'll take your information and help you understand your choices and the easy setup process.

  • Choose the suites and plans to offer within each type of benefit
  • Upload your data to the system

3. Customize your marketplace

As we customize the storefront to your benefits and plan choices, you also have other options to customize your Aetna Open Market portal:

  • Add your company branding
  • Set up employee management options
  • Add company information (handbook, calendars, special offers)

4. Easily manage your administration tools

  • Schedule automated monthly reports
  • Run billing audits
  • Manage monthly premium payments
  • Manage new hires, life changes, and enrollment