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Your focus is running a profitable company. Our focus is delivering the tools and training you need to effectively manage your workforce. Together we will minimize risk and maximize profits at your company.
Imagine having a certified HR professional on call to answer HR compliance questions and coach you through your toughest workforce management issues.  Imagine instant access to industry-specific job descriptions, pay plans, and policies, plus required state and federal forms on demand. Imagine having critical HR training for managers and employees online. With the KPA HR Essential program you can stop imagining and start using a complete toolkit for HR compliance.

KPA Human Resource Management Essentials

24/7 access to the KPA industry-specific Virtual Content Library provides you with access to job description templates, pay plans, forms, and more.

Critical online training courses keep every employee current on regulations and their responsibility to prevent discrimination, harassment, violence, and workplace abuse in your organization. Employee and manager specific training modules, including the CA AB1825 required training, are available.

Certified HR Professionals set your business up for success with on-call expert advice by phone or email when you need it most.


KPA Human Resource Management Essentials Key Features

Recruit and Hire

Eliminate bad hires, completely automate the hiring process, and bullet proof the termination process with the use of KPA template job descriptions, hiring guides, and termination forms.

Training and Compliance

Ensure all employees receive critical training to improve productivity and reduce the risk of litigation and governmental fines.

Reduce risk

Automated training, processes, electronic policy distribution and regulatory updates.