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KPA’s HR Management Compliance Training Program

KPA HR Management Training Programs are a flexible and cost effective solution to deliver training on a variety of HR compliance, safety, and human resource topics to employees and supervisors, when or where they need it, with remote access to management tools that allow you to track and report on your training programs.

With KPA’s HR Management training programs you can deliver human resources compliance and workforce management training to your managers and employees in an easy-to-use format: online, via any internet connected computer, or on-site with a certified HR Professional leading the training session.

  • Critical HR compliance training modules help protect your company from liability.
  • Employee portal for access to training and HR compliance content.
  • Automated alerts, email status alerts, testing, and management of completions to certify compliance.
  • The ability to segment employees into individual, functional or departmental groups for assignment and distribution of applicable trainings.
  • Management and administrator's view into all completion records across all groups, reports, and tools to ensure compliance.
  • Your employees take training when it's convenient for them - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; no additional costs from downtime or travel.
  • On-site training also available.

Each concise, simple to understand, and highly engaging training module, developed by attorneys and HR professionals, provide your employees and supervisors the information they need, quickly and efficiently.

  • Abusive Conduct in the Workplace Prevention (AB 1825 Compliant)
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention- California AB 1825 Compliance
  • Anti-harassment Training (for managers):
  • Anti-harassment Training (for employees):
  • Workplace Violence Prevention