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OSHA Audits, Inspections and Training

KPA OSHA Safety Compliance Services Suite includes on-site compliance visits, 24x7 online reports, health and safety training, loss prevention, and on-call availability.

Managing safety compliance with OSHA is a critical, complex task. For over 25 years, KPA has specialized in OSHA safety solutions, serving over 5,200 dealerships and auto service centers across the US. Our expert Risk Management consultants help you avoid OSHA citations, develop a comprehensive safety program, and reduce losses. KPA’s Environmental Health & Safety Compliance Program includes:

  • Onsite OSHA inspections: Quarterly, biannually, or annually
  • OSHA safety program development
  • Regular safety committee meetings
  • Online reporting and incident management
  • Onsite and online OSHA safety training
  • Loss prevention and accident management
  • On-call availability, particularly during an OSHA inspection

KPA’s Optional OSHA compliance suite includes Respiratory Protection Program & Training.

To hear real stories of OSHA safety audits from the field, watch our free recorded webinar.

To learn more about KPA Environmental Health & Safety programs, view the overview sheet here.