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By Eric Schmitz
Vice President, EHS Products

November 12th, 2014

KPA has implemented systematic environmental and safety programs at over 4,000 worksites across the country. To provide greater insight into the Return on Investment (ROI) of Safety, we completed a State-wide study of 420 KPA customers in the State of Florida. The study measures the effects KPA’s compliance and safety software, myKPAonline, will have on realized accidents and injuries in the workplace. The data demonstrates a direct correlation between higher software scores and lower average Workers Compensation Experience Modifiers (Ex-Mod’s, learn more about Ex-Mod's in this short video). An Ex-Mod is the measure that insurance companies use to rate the relative safety of a business. An Ex-Mod higher than 1.0, (the industry average), indicates a higher safety risk and incurs higher workers compensation insurance rates.

exmodmkoKPA clients are scored in the myKPAonline software through a proprietary algorithm but the gist is that many identified safety issues not corrected in a timely fashion results in a lower score. In contrast a facility that identifies and corrects safety issues in a timely fashion scores higher. This scoring system is not just a measure of the issues themselves but of the culture that is created through systematic safety program management. Employees who see management taking an active part in safety are more likely to participate themselves.

KPA clients have regular safety committee meetings where recent accidents and near misses, employee suggestions and identified safety issues are discussed. This regular activity coupled with employee training and communications results in increased employee awareness and overall safer employee actions. The increased visibility provided by the myKPAonline software makes all of this possible. Employees logon to complete training, access chemical Safety Data Sheets, submit suggestions or just review policies; while managers track inspection results, employee training, accidents and their overall issue completion score. All of these activities roll up to a scorecard that can be compared across departments or facilities and provides all facility employees an understanding of where they can improve.


The myKPAonline Portal is setup to provide KPA clients with an overview of their programs and enables clients to evaluate their facilities on a variety of topics from:

  • Safety Program Management
  • Accident Tracking / OSHA 300 log
  • Safety Issue Completion
  • Suggestion Tracking
  • Employee Training
  • Chemical Inventory and SDS’s

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