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Paying for a regulatory fine just isn’t in the budget!

Paying for a regulatory fine just isn’t in the budget!OSHA/EPA activity and enforcement is on the rise; dealerships need a way to assess their response and readiness to a regulatory inspection. KPA’s quarterly scheduled appointments educate dealers on OSHA and EPA regulations, while this new supplemental feature, The 5th Visit, mimics a legitimate unforeseen inspection.

  • Find out how your facility might fare if visited by a regulator.
  • Reveal how well prepared your employees are to respond to an inspector.
  • Increase your confidence about a regulatory inspection.
  • Uncover management training opportunities.
  • Decrease likelihood of potential fines

You can’t prevent, but you can prepare

The expectation is to learn from The 5th Visit, work towards improving safety compliance practices on a daily basis, and further train dealership staff and management on how to handle an inspection from a regulator.

The 5th Visit is Not Your Typical KPA Meeting

Here’s how it works:Here’s how it works:

  1. A KPA consultant arrives unannounced.
  2. The consultant interviews three facility employees (a manager, a fixed ops employee, and a random employee), reviews select documentation, and notes the overall conditions at the facility, just as an OSHA or EPA inspector would.
  3. The consultant evaluates each of these areas as satisfactory, needs attention, or not applicable; makes notes and comments for corrections; and provides an overall assessment of your facility’s readiness.
  4. The consultant documents any additional observed environmental and safety violations in myKPAonline – beyond what may have been noted at your last quarterly visit.



Learn more about The 5th Visit Today! Contact Trevor Stage at [email protected] or (603) 264-7557.