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Every business has risks that can impact the bottom line. Noncompliance. Lawsuits. Unsafe work environment. Excessive insurance premiums. Staff inefficiency. High employee turnover.  Poor employee performance. Minimize those risks, improve efficiency and you can maximize your profits.

We are HR Management, Sales & Finance Compliance, and Environmental Health & Safety specialists delivering compliance programs that help our clients achieve regulatory compliance, control risk, protect their assets and effectively manage people through a combination of innovative software, award winning training and on-site consulting.

Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies count on KPA at over 10,000 locations for risk management. KPA has been endorsed by over 30 national and state trade associations.


“Our commitment to exceptional service whether onsite, on call or online has resulted in a 96% client retention rate.” Bill Duclos, VP Operations


“ KPA HR Management software automates essential HR processes reducing the time spent on managing paperwork so that you can focus on managing people.” Kathryn Carlson, VP HR Management Products


“ Our clients maintain safe work environments because it’s the right thing to do for their employees; they also save money through lower workers’ comp and garage liability premiums.”  Eric Schmitz, VP EHS Products


“With more than 28 years of experience, KPA has a proven track record of delivering solutions to our clients that minimize risk and maximize profit by reducing costs through improved staff efficiency and effective workforce management, while also limiting liability through regulatory compliance .”  Vane Clayton, CEO