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KPA industry experts regularly contribute to KPA's article library, providing content relating to Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resource, and Sales & Finance Compliance solutions relevant to your business.

Auto parts manufacturer & staffing agency continue to expose workers to hazards at Georgia facility

In March 2016, OSHA initiated a safety inspection at HP Pelzer Automotive Systems Inc. in Thomson, Georgia. HP Pelzer and a staffing agency, Sizemore Inc., through who it employs approximately 300 temporary employees, were cited for 24 safety violations.   Read More

Writing the Book on the Future of Fuel

When it comes to commercially available automobiles, the term ‘alternative fuel’ no longer means only electric and hybrid vehicles.  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV’s), whose only by product is water, are the latest and greatest addition to the combined industry efforts to reduce carbon emissions.  And these vehicles are beginning to make a name for themselves in California, an effort KPA was heavily involved in. 
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Flipping the Focus: Maintaining a Fleet of Lighter than Air Fueled Vehicles

Bus fleets have long stood at the forward edge of emerging technology in the transportation industry.  We saw this with the fleet level implementation of CNG, and we are seeing it again with Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology.  CT Transit in Hartford, Connecticut, and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority in the Greater Boston Area, are just two of many organizations who, either already have, or are planning on soon taking steps to integrate Hydrogen Fuel Cell busses into their fleets. Thanks to the similar push for natural gas in recent years, the transition to this new fuel source is not as radical an idea as it once may have seemed.  In fact, the two fuel sources have some significant similarities. 
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More Than Your Typical Compliance Consulting: KPA & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

The world of environmental health and safety is an ever evolving one.  Companies often find themselves in a constant struggle to keep up with new regulations released by the alphabet soup that is the list of federal government regulatory agencies.  But sometimes, it is the industry, and newly developed technology, that sets the pace, blazing a trail into the future that leaves even regulators running to catch up.  Hydrogen fuel is one such trail-blazing technology.  And for KPA, this an opportunity to do more than your typical compliance consulting. 
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Clean Auto Alliance Achievement Report

KPA’s partner the Clean Auto Alliance, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving environmental, safety, and transportation best practices, has released its 2015 Annual Report. This report details achievement of the Environment & Safety Elite Award, which sets the standard of excellence for environmental, and safety practices in the automotive services industry. For those of you that have participated in obtaining the Environment and Safety Elite Award, congratulations on a successful year!

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How to Get What You're Paying for From Your Dealership's Technology

I have personally been involved in purchasing, selling and implementing hundreds of different software programs at dealerships across the country. The one constant struggle with any new software has always been the implementation, and utilization of the tools. I have seen some of the best technology go unused because there was no urgency, or enforcement from senior management to adopt to the new program. All too often, we see turnover in managers at our stores, and the new manager used different software than what is currently installed so they convince the owners to buy a different tool. The majority of the time the software they were replacing wasn't being used effectively, and neither will the new software. Read More

OSHA Penalties Scheduled to Increase on August 1, 2016

Unlike the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whose penalties are regularly increased due to inflation, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was never included within the same structure, and was required to obtain Congressional approval in order to increase penalties. The result – OSHA maximum penalties have virtually remained the same for decades, and are disproportionate to the severity of penalties enforced by other agencies such as the EPA, and the Department of Transportation (DOT). Read More

Dealer Fees Under Attack

Two recent actions for alleged dealer fee violations in South Carolina, and Indiana are a potential cause for concern in other states due to the likelihood of copycat legal actions. While these states had no caps on dealer fees, a private lawsuit in South Carolina resulted in a $3.6 million verdict, and an attorney general action in Indiana resulted in a $625,000 settlement. Both cases alleged that the dealers overcharged customers because their fees did not reflect expenses actually incurred by the dealers for services.  Read More

December 2015 Tip of the Month: HR Client Alert Coming Soon

2016 is bringing many new and updated HR regulations that will affect your processes and HR compliance.

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Improving your Performance Review Skills

Performance reviews are beneficial in a number of ways, allowing you to provide your employees with valuable feedback to help them grow, as well as creating documentation on performance issues.  Unfortunately, despite their value, performance reviews are frequently a rote task rather than a productive and engaging process for both the manager and the employee. 

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