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Compliance Newsletter March 2010




Worker's Compensation
Top 5 HR Legal Issues

Compliance Blog

  Internet Processes
Tip of the Month
HR Regulatory Update

Free HR Webinar
How to Hire the Right Employees

Attract, select and retain the best employees for improved results.

Date: Thursday, March 4, 2010

In this webinar you will learn:
- How to be the place everyone wants to work.
- The 5 tools and 5 habits to reduce the risk of making a bad hire.
- Best practices on retaining your high performance employees.

Presented by: Kathryn Carlson, Product Director for HotlinkHR


Worker's Compensation - Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Worker’s compensation insurance has become an especially unpleasant subject. Across the country, premiums seem to be out of control. More disturbing, this escalation does not appear to be temporary, but instead reflective of higher costs seemingly built into the system.

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Top Five HR Legal Issues Facing Dealerships in 2010

Layoffs, salary reductions, poor economic conditions and aggressive governmental enforcement create the perfect conditions for employment litigation. Learn about the top five legal issues dealership will face in 2010 and how to reduce your risk of a lawsuit.

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Free EHS Webinar:
Top EPA, DOT, and OSHA Regulations You Don’t Want to Ignore

An overview of the regulations that effect dealers the most.

Date: Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learn about which regulations carry the biggest fines, which are most frequent, and which ones you want to make sure you comply with at all times. This webinar will cover all three regulation agencies on the following:
- Top enforcement agencies for the automotive industry
- Most frequently assessed penalties
- Most significant/costly violations
- How to avoid them

Presented by: Wayne Curtis, EHS Engineer


Free HR Webinar: Can you afford an employment lawsuit? How about a fine for wage and hour violations?
Date: Thursday, March 11, 2010
Join Jim Hendricks as he discusses the importance of HR compliance for dealerships. Learn about recent lawsuits involving dealerships and how those lawsuits could have been prevented with an HR compliance and management program.


Free EHS Webinar: What to do When an Inspector Knocks on Your Door
Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010
No one hopes for a visit from a regulation agency, but knowing what to do when a regulator unexpectedly shows up will reduce stress for your employees. Being prepared for a visit at all times is important, but what do you do once the regulator is onsite?


TK Carsites Partner Internet Process: the Key to Consistent Success 
Having a consistent sales process is just as important online as it is on the showroom floor. Learn about how to set up processes both for your external interactions with potential customers and for your internal internet marketing activities that will give you more consistent results and more sales. 
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It’s easy to keep up with the most dealer relevant EHS and HR compliance news with a subscription to KPA’s blog and RSS feed. Get the latest news, helpful commentary and expert advice. 
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Tip of the month: Secure Oil Distribution Pumps Daily to Avoid Slippery Situations
Every first Monday, we will post a new compliance tip of the month. Come back frequently and stay compliant!
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HR Compliance Regulatory Update
- Paycheck Fairness Act
- Interim Final Regulations for the Mental Health Parity Act 
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