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Compliance Newsletter May 2010


Free Webinar: 5 Most Important HR Regulations
Free Webinar: How to Have Tough Talks with Employees
Free Webinar: Online EHS Software


OSHA Enforcement
Selecting HR Software

Client Advocate Program
Storage Tank Training

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HR Regulatory Update
New myKPAonline Features

Free HR Webinar
The 5 Most Important HR Regulations for Dealers in 2010

A Look Back at 2009 and What 2010 May Hold for Employers

Date: Thursday, May 6, 2010

As anticipated, 2009 was a year filled with change for employers and 2010 holds more of the same. From new employment discrimination laws to healthcare reform Jim Hendricks will discuss the most significant labor and employment law developments of 2009 and what employers have to look forward to in 2010.

Presented by: Jim Hendricks Partner, Ford and Harrison LLP 


OSHA initiates enforcement program this summer

Changes in OSHA’s policies and directions are imminent as reported through various media in the last week alone.

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New Whitepaper: Simple Steps to Selecting HR Software

Selecting HR software, also referred to as HRIS (Human Resources Information System) or HRMS (Human Resources Management System), is an important decision. With the right tools and capabilities, specifically selected to align with your business objectives, you will improve the efficiency of your human resources managers and administrators, increase employee satisfaction, ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and appropriately manage the costs associated with workforce management.

Following a simple 10-step process will ensure you are able to select the best HR software to manage core HR functionality effectively and cost efficiently.

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Free HR Webinar:
Hard Conversations

How to have tough talks with employees

Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have you delayed performance appraisals and salary discussions because no raises and bonuses are coming in 2010? Not sure how to deal with the chronic underperforming employee? Can you address personal hygiene in a non- discriminatory manner? Sometimes you must be prepared to have difficult, even uncomfortable, conversations with employees.

This webinar will give you step-by-step guidance for holding conversations for some of the most tense workplace encounters.

Presented by: Kathryn Carlson, Product Director for HotlinkHR™


Need HR Advice? We have the answers!

Need practical advice on HR questions? Wish you had a friend with extensive HR experience you could call for a quick chat on HR best practices? HotlinkHR™ subscribers now have access to employment and labor attorneys and certified HR professionals.
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Compliance BlogKPA Blog: New Underground Storage Tank Operator Training Requirements
The US Energy Policy Act requires all States that receive federal grant money for their UST programs to ensure that all operators of UST systems demonstrate competency on how to comply with UST rules so environmental releases can be prevented. These new rules have created a training and registration program requirement for underground storage tank operators.
Operator training will require owners and their designated employees to undergo training to become certified UST operators. Once the deadline has passed, refuelers will not be allowed to deliver to facilities that have not met the new requirements. The type of training an operator receives depends on the job functions they perform at their facilities.
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Compliance BlogTip of the month: Hire with the HIRE Act
Save money when hiring with the HIRE ACT and other tax credits. If you hire a new employee who has worked less than 40 hours in the past 60 days you, the employer, will immediately improve your cash flow since you will retain the employer portion of the Social Security tax ordinarily remitted. In addition you will receive up $1,000 tax credit for each previously unemployed worker you hire. The HIRE ACT tax incentives and credits are in addition to WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credits) and state hiring incentive credits.
Every first Monday, we will post a new compliance tip of the month. Come back frequently and stay compliant!
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TK Carsites Partner SEO-friendly website designQuick Tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-Friendly Website Design
There are countless variables that SEOs must contend with in order to attain competitive rankings. Getting to number one in the search engine results pages (SERPs) doesn’t require one or two helpful tactics, but numerous tactics and a sound strategy that will help a site battle countless competitors that are actively trying to rank above you.
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HR Compliance Regulatory Update
- Update on HIRE ACT
- Third Extension of COBRA Premium Subsidy Extends Availability Through May 31, 2010
- Court Emphasizes that Evidence of Training Is a Must
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New myKPAonline features being released in May
We’ve been listening to your requests and are releasing 4 new features to myKPAonline this May: an electronic document management system, the ability to automatically add MSDSs to your chemical inventory, a summary of all online training taken at your facilities and a facility compliance comparison tool.
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Free EHS Webinar: Drowning in Regulatory Paperwork? Online software can be your lifesaver
Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2010
Learn how using an online system for Environmental and Safety Regulatory Compliance can help you identify, monitor and prioritize environmental and safety issues. An online system will help you to access all of your important information, including MSDS, at the touch of a button while helping to pinpoint the exact cause of the issues.