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Banning the Box: What Does it Really Mean?

August 03, 2015

A Practical Approach to an Emotional Subject

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Personal Protective Equipment: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

July 23, 2015

Not just any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will do. Using the wrong type or size of PPE can cause serious injury or illness and can cost your business money. Join Amanda Rawls as she discusses PPE and the best practices that can protect your employees and your business.

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Is your workforce legal?

July 09, 2015

Every business is required to hire and maintain a legal workforce, but finding out true employee eligibility can be difficult. E-Verify, the free web-based service from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA), makes it easy for dealerships to quickly confirm the employment eligibility of new hires; employers are now using E-Verify at more than one million worksites across the nation.

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Demo: How to Stay Compliant with KPA Sales & Finance Compliance

June 18, 2015

Join Sales and F&I compliance expert Trevor Stage in this special demo webinar, as he navigates through KPA’s newest compliance solution, Sales & Finance Compliance.

Trevor will demonstrate how to use the Sales & Finance Compliance program to access compliance forms and guides and will talk over how the expert hotline has helped dealers stay in compliance. He will also discuss the 75+ topics that Sales & Finance Compliance online training encompasses, focusing on all aspects of your sales and F&I department operations.

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HRM 2.0: New Enhancements

June 16, 2015

The newest version of KPA’s HR Management software is here and ready for you to use effective June 16, 2015. Best of all, there is nothing you have to do to get access except log in and start using the new or enhanced features including:

  • Improved processing of employee transfers
  • Enhanced hiring process (be sure to check out the new conditional job offer feature)
  • Easier access and navigation for leave tracking
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The Key to Implementing a Successful I2P2 Program and Preventing Future Injuries

June 11, 2015

Most fatalities and life altering events that happen at workplaces don't result from unknown or unpredictable circumstances, or from weird occurrences. The vast majority of these incidents are usually run-of-the-mill, including incidents such as distracted driving, falls, and accidental contact with objects and equipment. Most of these accidents are preventable, and that’s where your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) comes into play.

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How Hot is Too Hot?

June 08, 2015

The summer is coming, which means that your employees are at increased risk for heat illness. Heat is the number one weather related killer; are you prepared to educate and protect your employees? Join KPA expert, Claudia Reynolds, as she covers all of the nuances of heat illness.

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Top Ten Tips to Navigating Summer Hiring and Managing Traps

May 28, 2015

There are many facets to hiring, managing, and terminating employees, and these things become even more complicated once summer begins. Suddenly you’re faced with hiring temporary workers, interns, and approving vacation requests when there isn’t enough time to go around. If you misstep you could find yourself in legal hot water. What do you need to do to protect yourself and your dealership?

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DEMO: Leave Practices in KPA Human Resource Management

May 07, 2015

The summer is coming which means that many of your employees will be taking more vacations than usual. How are you going to manage this additional stressor? Join KPA’s Client Success Specialist, Peter Nyvall, as he discusses how you can use KPA Human Resource Management to take the weight off your shoulders during this busy season. Peter will cover how to use the software to automate time-off , submit vacation requests, pay temps, post job positions, hire and onboard, and more!

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Complying with the Safeguard Rule

April 30, 2015

To promote data security, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the Safeguard Rule, which is intended to ensure the security and confidentiality of consumer information, including businesses that are responsible for protecting consumer information. The FTC is actively reviewing dealer compliance with the Safeguard Rule, which means that your dealership could be at risk. If found in violation of the Safeguard Rule, your dealership will be required to take corrective action, to provide periodic compliance reports, to take part in ongoing biennial assessments, and may be placed on long-term probation. Do you know what you’re doing to protect your data? 

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