About Succeed Management Solutions, a KPA Company

Combined expertise, enhanced resources, and shared vision

Passion to Prevent

Built from a One-Person Consulting Operation Into an Industry-Leading Risk Management Software Company

Succeed a KPA Company
For over two decades, Succeed Management Solutions, LLC provided risk management services and tools designed to improve safety efforts for organizations across a multitude of industries.

Succeed started in 1996 as a one-person occupational safety and health consulting operation. Curt Shaw (who was CSP/CIH certified) worked with organizations to improve risk management efforts, drive down costs, and create a culture of safety. Curt found that he could use technology and software to improve his consulting business. He recognized that the resources and tools that improved his own operations could also help organizations streamline their own risk management efforts and prevent incidents. He founded Succeed Management Solutions, LLC and created the Risk Management Center to provide organizations these resources. Succeed’s services and tools have since evolved into some of the industry’s most highly acclaimed risk management solutions.

Used By Over 60,000 Organizations

Many of today’s most successful insurance brokerages, insurance carriers, and associations use the Risk Management Center as a powerful insurance marketing and risk management solution. By adding branded versions of Succeed’s risk management solutions to their own portfolio, these organizations have been able to quickly and easily offer their clients value-added services.  Succeed’s Insurance Broker Solutions give Brokerages the ability to distinguish themselves above the competition and build stronger customer loyalty.

At the same time, businesses of all sizes use the Risk Management Center to create a safe work environment, reduce insurance-related costs and ensure OSHA compliance. The Risk Management Center became an effective way to manage and develop a truly proactive safety, risk management and OSHA compliance program.

Products, People, and Ideas for any Challenge

Succeed was acquired by KPA in November 2016. Succeed’s and KPA’s core values, objectives, and vision were parallel to each other. Together this new organization will continue to design and implement innovative and proactive products and services addressing common businesses objectives, workplace safety, corporate loss control and regulatory compliance challenges. KPA has the people, products, and innovative ideas needed to meet these demands.

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