Community Involvement

We are committed to being involved in our communities.

Making the world a better place.

KPA provides employees from around the country a number of rewarding and inspirational opportunities to support their local communities. The best testaments to what these different events are really like come from the people who are experiencing them and the difference they are making.

Our commitment to giving back to our local communities is one of the many reasons for our success.

Houston Food Bank Community Involvement Project

Houston Food Bank

The largest food bank in the nation in terms of size, distribution and community need.

“Knowing that we played a small part to make Houston better was a great feeling. But also knowing that we were doing this to remember Brandonn Baker and his gracious giving spirit made it even better. He would have really appreciated our day and that we had the means, health, and opportunity to do something for others. All of this was done in the name of a very special person and I hope to think we would have made him smile.”

– Claudia Reynolds, Team Lead (Houston, TX)

Houston Library

Help deliver a variety of quality services to its public of over two million area residents.

“Our time at the Houston Library warehouse gave the team a chance to talk about books and life and reading with our families. We were able to scan and sort a pallet and a half of books and provide some muscle to help move boxes for the ladies that worked there. Knowing that we played a small part to make Houston better was a great feeling.”

– Amanda Rawls, District Manager (Houston, TX)

Houston Library Community Involvement Event
Habitat for Humanity Community Involvement

Habitat for Humanity

Mission is to address poverty housing and provide adequate shelter to those in need by working side-by-side with volunteers to build simple, decent houses.

“Getting the opportunity to actually work with and build a home for someone else provided a meaningful sense of accomplishment and purpose. It’s truly rewarding to step up and meet the needs of people who have experienced tragedy and loss in the community, which is at the heart of what Habitat for Humanity does. Not only that, but working with Habitat for Humanity provided the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with fellow coworkers making the day entertaining and fun. Overall, the experience was just a great way to work directly towards, and truly connect with, a greater purpose and ultimately the greater good in this world.”

– Lisa Crowe, Training Content Developer (Lafayette, CO)

Habitat for Humanity – Restore

Mission is to address poverty housing and provide adequate shelter to those in need by working side-by-side with volunteers to build simple, decent houses.

“The overall experience was great. We assembled household items, opened new stock and cleaned the warehouse where many of the items are stored for both the Doraville store and a new store in Smyrna, Georgia. The experience offered an opportunity to learn a little about where we can donate many of the items that we sometimes store in our homes after a completed renovation project, or a hobby that has outlasted our enthusiastic pursuit. The Restore accepts items such as furniture, appliance, roofing materials, and dishes.”

– Michelle Dawkins, Risk Management Consultant (Atlanta, GA)

Turning Wheels for Kids Community Involvement Event

Turning Wheels for Kids

Provides children with brand new, sparkly bikes to encourage life long habits of exercise and outdoor activity

“For the past four years, the Northwest district of KPA has been able to help build bicycles for deserving children of all ages. We had the pleasure of putting in the hard work and assembling these bikes as a team. Our team faced many challenges assembling everything from someone’s first bike all the way to a bike for grown up kids. After a tiring day kneeling on hard concrete we were able to witness some of the receiving children personally pick up their bikes from the convention center. The looks on their faces when they received their bikes was an amazing feeling for all who attended.”

– Regina Metzker, Risk Management Consultant II (Oakland, CA)

Community Food Share

Supplies food to local, non-profit organizations that, in turn, distributes the food to their clients, free of charge.

“I was honored to be able to spend the day with KPA colleagues at Community Food Share in Louisville. We spent the morning assisting warehouse staff moving and weighing pallets of food and sorting canned goods. As we worked, I witnessed first-hand the direct impact CFS has upon the community, as people in need came in to shop for food. I am thankful to KPA for providing us with the opportunity to volunteer in the community. Not only do we get the chance to work side by side with others from KPA, but we are helping to fulfill an important community need.”

– Brian Carlson, Senior Software Developer (Louisville, CO)

A Precious Child Event

A Precious Child

Serves as a resource center in collaboration with schools, organizations, social services, fire and police departments, churches and shelters to ensure that all children in Colorado have their basic needs met.

“The toy/school supply drives are a great way to help local children and make sure they have the emotional and educational tools they need to succeed. The impact also goes beyond the individual children as they grow up and contribute to our community. It’s also gratifying to see the huge difference we can make as a group; the contribution is larger than what could be accomplished on an individual basis and the KPA dollar match allows us to make an even bigger impact. These collection drives have become a tradition in our office and it feels good knowing that A Precious Child can rely on us to participate every year and make a difference in our community.”

– Jeannie Lewis, Administrative Services Manager (Louisville, CO)

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