Meet the Leadership Team Behind Our Innovative Solutions

Vane Clayton

Vane Clayton Chairman and CEO

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Gabe Orvis

Gabe Orvis Chief Financial Officer

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Bill Duclos

Bill Duclos Senior VP Operations

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Eric Schmitz

Eric Schmitz Senior VP Product/Business Dev

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Kathryn Carlson

Kathryn Carlson VP Product Management

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Bill Reidy

Bill Reidy VP Sales

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Brandi Vandegriff

Brandi Vandegriff Vice President of Technology

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Kurt Schmidt

Kurt Schmidt Vice President of Marketing

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How We Work

At KPA our Core Values are more than mere words; they are the way we live. In everything we do, and in every interaction we have with our clients we uphold these core principles. A strong culture, respect and communication, and a tradition of going above and beyond are how we operate every day. As we continue to grow, we strive to ensure that we maintain a strong culture, that these values guide our actions, and that they remain at the heart of our business.

Cultural Values

  • Our integrity is unquestionable
  • We are always helpful
  • We achieve excellence in individual and company performance
  • We are agile and resourceful
  • We respect others with our word and deed
  • We promote teamwork to sustain a culture of cooperation