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4 Tips for Preventing Falls

on December 11, 2019
Fall protection and prevention is still the most frequently cited Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violation for several years now, which means, what industries...
Emily Hartman4 Tips for Preventing Falls

Can Training Courses Be Part of Corrective Action?

on December 9, 2019
Q: Can we require an employee to complete an anger management course as a condition of continued employment in a written warning of corrective action?...
Emily HartmanCan Training Courses Be Part of Corrective Action?

Pop Quiz: Hand & Power Tool Safety

on December 9, 2019
The earliest human-made stone tools are at least 2.6 million years old. A lot’s changed since then. Back in the caveman days, there were no...
Toby GrahamPop Quiz: Hand & Power Tool Safety

How to Increase Interest in Your Training Programs

on December 4, 2019
Your employees recently took your training course on slips, trips, and falls, so now you can report that your company is keeping employees safe. But,...
Brent DaviauHow to Increase Interest in Your Training Programs

ISO 45001: What You Need to Know

on December 4, 2019
It has the potential to change working conditions around the world. It’s poised to save millions of lives and billions of dollars. It’s been described...
Toby GrahamISO 45001: What You Need to Know

Pop Quiz: Emergency Response

on November 18, 2019
Fires, spills, floods, power outages, active shooter events—emergencies can happen anywhere, any time, frequently when people least expect them. After all, if emergencies were predictable,...
Toby GrahamPop Quiz: Emergency Response

To Engage Gen Z Employees, You Can’t Be Basic

on November 13, 2019
Feeling uncertain about the future of your workforce? Anxious about the mass retirement of baby boomer professionals and the impending sea change in employee demographics?...
Toby GrahamTo Engage Gen Z Employees, You Can’t Be Basic

Humor as a Learning Tool: The Science Behind it is No Joke

on November 12, 2019
Why did the unemployed zookeeper jump into the snake pit? Because he thought he had COBRA coverage! That, my friends, is what they call a “joke.” And...
Toby GrahamHumor as a Learning Tool: The Science Behind it is No Joke

9 Employee Handbook Topics You Need To Cover

on October 31, 2019
There is a lot of information in the employee handbook, but do you remember what the essentials are? Your handbook sets the organization’s expectations, policies,...
Emily Hartman9 Employee Handbook Topics You Need To Cover

Vacation Payout? Check the Handbook

on October 30, 2019
Q: When an employee terminates, do we have to pay their vacation accrual pay based on their current rate, or can we pay the rate...
Emily HartmanVacation Payout? Check the Handbook

Meet the “Scary 13”

on October 30, 2019
A mysterious creak, the flicker of a shadow on the wall, the feeling you’re being watched…  What’s truly scary is what you don’t see. Consider...
Toby GrahamMeet the “Scary 13”

Everyone at Your Organization Can and Should Be a Safety Leader

on October 28, 2019
Who “owns” your organization’s workforce safety program? If you can answer that question with a single name, title, or department, I’ve got some bad news...
Toby GrahamEveryone at Your Organization Can and Should Be a Safety Leader

Pop Quiz: Shop Safety

on October 23, 2019
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Toby GrahamPop Quiz: Shop Safety

Take It From Goldman Sachs: Employee Engagement Means Money

on October 22, 2019
Goldman Sachs does it. Does your organization do it? By “it” I don’t mean “making a ton of money”—although Goldman Sachs does that, too. The...
Toby GrahamTake It From Goldman Sachs: Employee Engagement Means Money