Auto Part Manufacturer Charged With Hefty OSHA Fine

by Eric Schmitz on October 4, 2016

Here is a case in which an Auto parts manufacturer continually exposed workers to hazards after several repeat violations for areas of lockout/tagout, personal protective equipment, electrical safety, machine guarding, and fall protection. After being cited for 24 safety violations, the fines totaled over $700,000.

While this case is unfortunate, many lessons can be learned:

It all starts with planning – Developing policies and procedures are key to keeping your workplace safe and compliant. Implementing programs such as hazard communications, emergency response, and fall protection will help avoid risk and prevent employee injuries.

Stay consistent with your safety program – It is important to provide a safe and healthy workplace at all times. Educate team members and ensure that all training is up-to-date. Inspect your facility regularly, looking for any potential areas of question. Track all noncompliance issues and develop a plan to fix.

Take the time to plan and execute your safety. It will save time, money, and will keep your brand and reputation intact.

Eric SchmitzAuto Part Manufacturer Charged With Hefty OSHA Fine