Hiring is a lot like getting hitched!

by Kathryn Carlson on May 3, 2016

Guru Careers shows how social media campaigns can impact each stage of the hiring process. Here is a great info graphic by Guru Careers Network that shows exactly how social recruiting works. Actually, it’s a lot like looking for a spouse! There are several steps:

  1. Implement
    Get started by building awareness of your dealership in networks that may have qualified prospects. If you’ve done that, create a “Careers Area,” or unobtrusive ways to engage “passive seekers.”
  2. Identify and attract
    Attract great potential employees through special social media campaigns. These campaigns show off your benefits, fun corporate culture or key open positions. The info graphic shows you examples, such as Facebook ads.
  3. Engage
    Beyond traditional job postings, social media gives you lots of ways to solidify the relationship with the potential hires you’ve found. For example, you can start conversations about your perks and benefits, show off your cool décor in a video campaign, even join a virtual job fair or tweet about your “career day.”
  4. Hire!
    Once you’ve “sealed the deal,” and your new employee is active in his/her new role, encourage them to talk about their new job and network on behalf of the dealership. They’re one of your best sources for your next great hire.

So there you have it. That’s how the social media magic can boost the quality of your new hires.

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Kathryn CarlsonHiring is a lot like getting hitched!