Compliance Tip: Don’t Get Caught In Summer Hiring Traps

by Kathryn Carlson on June 22, 2016

Many businesses will be hiring minors or interns for the summer. Before you hire make sure you are hiring and paying in compliance with both state and federal regulations. Check out the FLSA – Child Labor Rules Advisor and the US DOL Wage and Hour Division’s Employment/Age Certification Issuance Practices Under State Child Labor Laws. The Federal government does not require work permits or proof-of-age certificates for a minor to be employed. However, many states may require them for workers of certain ages. These certificates help to protect the employer from prosecution for employing an under-aged worker. Having these age certificates constitutes a good faith effort to comply with minimum age requirements.

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Kathryn CarlsonCompliance Tip: Don’t Get Caught In Summer Hiring Traps