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Looking to grow and retain your insured base? Turn to value added services that help your clients proactively address workplace risk, reduce incidents, and save costs.

From Commodity Seller to
Trusted Advisor

Commercial insurance has become a commodity. Combat this and grow your book of business by providing your clients a cost-effective yet comprehensive risk management platform. With the Risk Management Center, your clients control costs and remain compliant with both safety regulations and employment laws. Don’t just take orders and compete solely on price. Take a consultative approach to selling, with the Risk Management Center in your back pocket.

Risk Management Checklist

Are you making your insureds smarter, protecting them from risk, and making their life easier?

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Differentiate Your Brokerage

KPA’s Risk Management Center provides your insured companies top-down visibility and intelligence that their HR, Safety, and Risk Managers need to proactively address areas of risk. Interactive regulatory reference tools help clients proactively identify risks and stay current on evolving regulations

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Retain Your Clients

Be your client’s indispensable, trusted business consultant by providing strategic, measurable value. The Risk Management Center helps your clients navigate their most critical areas of risk, giving them a complete risk prevention and workplace safety solution. At renewal time, earn your clients’ business by demonstrating you’ve helped them reduce their total cost of risk.

Reduce Client Claims

Help your clients reduce their claims by giving them tools to mitigate risk. Automate incident reporting and trend analysis. Cool off risky hotspots by assigning training to prevent future incidents. And, add your own strategic guidance by monitoring your client’s problem areas through the Risk Management Center.


All-in-one Software Platform

In a single system, employees access online training, risk management resources, and the Safety Data Sheet repository. Managers perform self-inspections, view employee training records, maintain vendor insurance records, and track overall compliance status. Administrators view a roll-up of these activities for comparison across departments or facilities.

Unmatched EHS Expertise

Experienced risk management consultants can help highlight potential issues, recommend preventative action, provide training, and prescribe a best practice program so you can become self-sufficient over time.

Expert Online Training

Give your employees the knowledge and skills they need to work productively and avoid workplace risks. KPA offers a comprehensive, award-winning library of online training courses designed to help employees improve their performance on the job as well as improve compliance. The courses are based on real-world examples spanning EHS and HR topics.

Integrated Certificate of Insurance (COI) Tracking

Did you know you can be financially responsible for violations committed by your vendor? Vendors are often an overlooked area of risk. Streamline the process of Certificate of Insurance (COI) management to ensure you minimize business risk.

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