Top 10 Reasons Dealerships Were Fined by OSHA in 2018

on May 21, 2019

$1,085,338. That’s how much the Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the automotive industry from October 2017 through September 2018.

On average, that’s about $2,150 per citation—not terrible, but not great either. It certainly isn’t as costly as, say, an out-of-court workplace harassment settlement (which can be in the 6-figure range), but what dealership wouldn’t want an extra $2k per year?

The cost of OSHA non-compliance seems particularly reckless when you consider the 10 most common reasons for the citations and penalties.

At the top of the list: hazard communication. These dealerships lost thousands for not properly labeling, documenting, or training their workers on dangerous substances in the workplace. They’re fortunate if money was all they lost.

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Toby GrahamTop 10 Reasons Dealerships Were Fined by OSHA in 2018

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