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Drug Free Workplace Programs, Maximizing ROI


Kathryn Carlson, VP of Human Resource Management Products, discusses the key elements of workplace drug testing programs including the importance of training for managers and employees. In this webinar recording, she provides practical advice based on her experience managing workplace programs as an HR Director and as the Product Manager for a leading third party administrator of drug testing services.

In this recorded webinar, learn how to implement a new program or enhance your current program including an update on new regulations impacting drug testing in the workplace. Learn more about how an effective program can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Kathryn has over 25 years of human resources management experience and is a certified HR professional. For the past 13 years she has focused on developing HR software and programs to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure compliance for companies ranging from small businesses to international corporations.

Check out the recorded webinar, below!

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