Eric Schmitz

VP Product and Business Development

Favorite Quote: “The solution to pollution is not dilution. We have a finite amount of resources and we need to find ways to use them wisely, sparingly, and when all else fails reuse and recycle them.”


Eric's Philosophy

I hope to provide vision and lead the development of new products and programs that make workplaces safer, compliant, and more environmentally friendly. I believe risk management is critical for effective organizations and I lead the charge of monitoring the latest regulatory changes and finding solutions to new requirements that are easy to implement and provide the best return on investment for our clients.



Family is very important to me, Erika, David, Kaitlin, Anna, and our lab are always looking for new adventures. I am a hands-on person and have a passion for building and trying new things. I’m a trout fisherman love to go “catching” on Sierra streams.


I earned my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Toxicology from the University of California at Davis in California.



I have 25 years of environmental and safety program management experience including the last 21 years at KPA. Before coming to KPA, I worked as a park ranger and then as a project manager and field chemist, completing hazardous waste remediation work at air force bases across the US. At KPA I have led the development of many transformational products, including the EHS software platform, myKPAonline, and the expansion of the EHS product line from risk mitigation into safe workplace programs. I also oversaw the implementation of leading-edge products for our first OEM client, Toyota. I have established many KPA partner relationships increasing sales and driving brand recognition. Most recently I led the successful development, launch and operation of KPA’s latest product line for F&I Compliance.

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