Kathryn Carlson

VP Product Management

Favorite Quote: “To move a mountain begin by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius


Kathryn's Philosophy

People are the most important asset and the highest risk for any business. KPA offers the opportunity to bring together best practices for a solution minimizing the risks related to people management, including bad hiring decisions, high turnover, wrongful terminations, lack of engagement, poor performance, discrimination or harassment, workers compensation claims and employee non-compliance with regulations. My role is to empower my team members to deliver HR software that drives best practices and exceptional HR consulting in tandem with our EHS programs that put the needs of clients, employees, and communities first, fulfilling the KPA vision of creating not just better workplaces and workforces but a better world.



Faith, family and food. I love to entertain and cook and have been able to incorporate this passion across all areas of my life. Sitting around the supper table with my family, sharing cookies at a staff meeting, hosting international students for a holiday dinner, providing homemade meals to those who need support during trying times or working in a community garden confirms my belief that providing food is one of the most nurturing things we can do for each other. Sharing a meal breaks down barriers, opens hearts and offers the giver and the receiver grace.


I attended Sweet Briar College. Additionally, I am certified as a Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR).



I have 28 years of experience working on both the corporate side in HR Management and on the product side in HRIS product management, and product marketing. Early in my career I worked as an HR Generalist, Manager and Director for manufacturing, software, and retail companies which provided an in-depth understanding of the challenges HR teams face and the possibility for technology to make a difference in workforce management practices, helping move HR from the “payroll and party planning department” to a strategic business partner. I have lead teams that developed applicant tracking, background screening, benefits and HR compliance programs. Prior to joining KPA I was a Senior Director, Product Management for ADP. At KPA my focus in on expanding our new HRIS platform, HRDrive, managing the onsite and online HR consulting program, and exploring how to most effectively leverage the intersection of EHS and HR for our clients.

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