Vane Clayton

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

About Vane

Vane is Chairman and CEO of KPA, joining in 2006.  He brings to KPA 25+ years of experience in successfully building profitable, growth companies as President/CEO.  Under his leadership, KPA has grown organically and through accretive acquisitions, which have expanded the product offerings and introduced KPA to new markets, currently with more than 8,000 clients in North America. Vane’s goals for KPA are to continue to provide additional value for our current clients while leveraging KPA’s more than three decades of risk management and compliance experience in additional markets.  Vane notes, “KPA expertise and enthusiasm for making compliance not just a required activity but a profitable activity for our clients has been our past, is our future and embedded in our culture. Whether developing award-winning training, industry leading software products, professional consulting or support services, we focus not just on effective risk and workplace management but helping our client in achieving overall business goals.”

Prior to KPA, Vane was President of ZOLL Data Systems, an enterprise software subsidiary of ZOLL Medical Corporation. While at ZOLL, the team launched a user-friendly .NET Tablet software application and acquired a human resource software solution to expand the suite of products offered to the ambulance & fire public safety markets.

Vane holds a B.S. in Agricultural/Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

KPA ContributorVane Clayton