KPA Mobile Compliance App

The power of KPA’s compliance platform from your phone.

Mobile Compliance and Risk Management

Because incidents rarely happen at your desk.

Take control of your safety and compliance programs in real time with KPA’s mobile application.

The mobile application provides on-demand access to the key components of a strong, effective compliance and safety program:

  • Streamlined audits and inspections
  • Accident capture and resolution
  • Capability to record and complete corrective and preventative actions
  • Offline functionality to manage risk and compliance, even in remote facilities or locations with limited internet access



Mobilize Your Safety & Compliance Programs

Time savings

Reduce the time required to conduct reliable audits and inspections.

Greater visibility

Access and monitor compliance data across multiple locations.


Document and record accidents where and when they happen.

24 x 7 access

Capture information and report issues even when you’re offline.

Better outcomes

Make informed, impactful safety and business decisions.

Our experts are here to find a solution that’s right for you.

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