KPA HR Newsletter — August 24, 2017

by Jill Schaefer on August 24, 2017

NEW! HRDrive & HR Essentials Features

On August 25, several new resources will be available to KPA’s HRDrive and HR Essentials clients!

  • 5 Interactive HR Trainings — topics include social media/email use and a new addition to our ongoing series about preventing violence in the workplace
  • Updated Pay Plans and Job Descriptions
  • Additional Sample Policies

As always, KPA clients have the reassurance of compliance support from FordHarrison, a nationally renowned law firm. Plus, you can take advantage of our expertise to quickly and compliantly update your employee handbooks.

Not KPA protected? Learn more about HR services.

Different Generations, Different Work/Life Balance Needs — Click here to read more

Of the 4 main generations currently in the workforce, each of them have different preferences for work/life balance. What can you do to promote happier, more engaged employees?

August 2017 Regulatory Updates – Click here to read more

    • New! I-9 Form
    • OSHA — New Website for Electronically Filing Injury and Illness Reports; Delays eSubmission of Recordkeeping Forms
    • VETS 4212 Filing Season Begins
    • MO: Right-to-Work and Human Rights Act Amendments
    • MA: Employers Must Accommodate Legal Medical Marijuana Use
    • OR: Set to Become First State to Require Employers to Give Hourly Employees Advance Notice of Work Schedules; Clarifies Paid Sick Leave Law
    • WA: Grants More Protections for Pregnant Workers; Distracted Driving Law Clarified

Ask the HR Expert — Click here for answer

Q: Back in April, our employees approved an alternative workweek schedule in which they work 4, 10-hour shifts (4-10s).

We’re currently in our busy season and need to hire temps. As a result, we’ve implemented a 2 on, 2 off, 10 hours-per-day schedule, instead of the approved alternative workweek schedule.

Are there any compliance issues with this approach?

What Generation Are You Really? — Take the quiz

Discover your generational personality! Would you consider yourself a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, Millennial, or Traditionalist? Your birth date may not represent the generation you really belong to!

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Jill SchaeferKPA HR Newsletter — August 24, 2017