Introducing the Environment & Safety Elite Award

by Eric Schmitz on February 12, 2015

Distinguishing Automotive Businesses that Exceed Regulatory Compliance Best Practices

Despite the high frequency of OSHA and EPA violations and citations, many dealers still take a reactive approach to compliance. With the larger focus on fixing, servicing, and selling vehicles, many dealers learn about regulations after an inspection, injury, or an environmental spill has occurred.

The Clean Auto Alliance has created the Environment & Safety Elite Award for dealers that are already making efforts to stay in compliance. The award identifies those who are sincerely committed to environment and safety, and further encourages dealers to keep their businesses profitable by continuing to meet or exceed regulatory standards, instead of fixing violations only after an inspection occurs. The Environment & Safety Elite Award creates an incentive to use the efforts dealers regularly put into compliance to promote themselves in the industry and to benchmark themselves against others who are running like-minded businesses.

For those dealers who are making a sincere effort to protect the environment and keep their employees safe, this award is a method to demonstrate all of their safety and pollution compliance accomplishments. Not only do their efforts increase profit from a loss control perspective, but this award will also showcase them all in one place for customers to review and for like-minded businesses to strive towards. This award is a way to shift from the mindset of actions dealers need to take once a regulator visits and instead highlights best practices for the industry.

The Environment & Safety Elite Award benchmarks have been created by automotive industry leaders and are divided into six key environmental and safety categories: DOT and Supplemental Programs, Emergency Response, Environmental, Hazard Communication, Loss Control, and Safety Systems. Meeting or exceeding these benchmarks proves a commitment to employee, facility, and community health and safety.

The Environment & Safety Elite Award promotes recognition of dealer excellence, customer awareness, and more. To learn how you can become elite, contact [email protected].

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Eric SchmitzIntroducing the Environment & Safety Elite Award