KPA California HR Newsletter — December 2017

by Jill Schaefer on December 12, 2017

Let’s Get You Ready for 2018

California’s Governor recently greenlighted 5 major laws late this year.

Not to worry though.

KPA is teaming up with the award-winning law firm, FordHarrison, to make sure online applications, trainings, policies, and more will all be updated and ready to go by January 1.

Complying With California’s AB 1825 & SB 396 Regulations Click here to read more

Every week, there have been new sexual harassment claims making headlines — a sign of just how pervasive this problem is in the workplace. Find out how to protect your employees and abide by California’s newest regulations.

December 2017 Regulatory Updates — Click here to read more

– Top 2017 California Legislation

Ask the HR Expert – Strictly California — Get the answer

Q: If one of my California employees doesn’t meet the minimum wage analysis for one week in our pay period, but she still earned commission — do we have to pay her for all the hours she worked plus her commission OR only the hours she worked times the minimum wage?

Do bonuses and spiffs work the same as commissions or are those calculated differently in this scenario?

FREE California Compliance Webinar

KPA has partnered with FordHarrison law firm, the 2017 Law Firm of the Year in Litigation — Labor & Employment, to support compliant workforce programs. Join us for our monthly webinar on California regulations.

This month’s topic is all about California’s Minimum Wage, Pay Plans, Piece-Rate Pay Laws, and Pay Calculators.

Wenesday, December 13, 2017
10:00 a.m. (Pacific) / 12:00 p.m. (Central)


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Jill SchaeferKPA California HR Newsletter — December 2017