KPA California HR Newsletter — January 2018

by Camille Bradbury on January 16, 2018

New Year, New California Documents

If you have access to KPA’s HRDrive, you’ll be prompted to have your employees sign these 5 policies in order to be in compliance:

1. Equal Opportunity and ADA Compliance Policy – CA
2. Meal and Rest Period Policy Rights – CA
3. Confidentiality Agreement – CA
4. Notice of Company Policy Against Harassment – CA
5. Notice of Proposition 65 – CA

January 2018 Regulatory Updates — Read more

– Disability & Leave Laws in Effect
– Are Your Hiring Practices Updated?
– Sexual Harassment Training Update
– Wage & Hour Enforcement
– San Francisco: Lactation in the Workplace Ordinance

Ask the HR Expert – Strictly California — Get the answer

Q: I have an employee who just quit her job. Previously, she was written up because I saw on our security cameras that she was using the computers for personal use, which is against our policy. After she quit, I found time logs indicating hours of personal Internet searches and activity on her work computer. Can I deduct this non-work time from her final paycheck?

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Camille BradburyKPA California HR Newsletter — January 2018