Brandi Vandegriff

on March 6, 2016
Brandi VandegriffAbout BrandiBrandi’s primary goal at KPA is to improve the client experience by delivering enterprise-scale systems designed to improve both internal / external client...
KPA ContributorBrandi Vandegriff

Michael Bruns

on March 5, 2016
Michael BrunsAbout MichaelMichael Bruns is a finance and operating executive with over 25 years of experience building, funding, and advising software companies from start-up through...
Toby GrahamMichael Bruns

Chris Fanning

on March 1, 2014
Chris FanningAbout ChrisChris was appointed KPA’s President & Chief Executive Officer in 2019 to drive the growth of the company's environmental, health and safety solutions....
Toby GrahamChris Fanning