Leavitt Insurance Agency

on June 20, 2019
One of the biggest values for me and this agency has been the utilization of the Risk Management Center in developing new clients.
Toby GrahamLeavitt Insurance Agency

Lovitt & Touche

on June 20, 2019
We were looking at ways to better support our Risk Control Service Strategy by enhancing the risk management service platform we provide to our customers....
Toby GrahamLovitt & Touche

Crest Insurance

on June 20, 2019
As the Risk Management Center Champion for CREST Insurance Group I can testify that in our short time with the program we have helped numerous...
Toby GrahamCrest Insurance

Jiffy Lube

on November 9, 2016
After dealing with the Department of Environmental Quality on an inspection, it made a huge difference having KPA systems in place and safety training/recordkeeping.
Toby GrahamJiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube

on June 2, 2014
At Jiffy Lube, we take our responsibility to employees and the environment seriously. That’s why we rely on KPA for our safety and environmental management...
KPA ContributorJiffy Lube

Woodland Tractor, Craig Emerson, General Manager

on March 21, 2014
I can't say enough good things about this company, their people, their professionalism and the value we get for the dollar. I only wish we...
KPA ContributorWoodland Tractor, Craig Emerson, General Manager

Warrenton Toyota, John Strain, Controller

on March 21, 2014
"We feel that with having KPA's software in house, we can develop sound policies and procedures that will protect us while we concentrate on the...
KPA ContributorWarrenton Toyota, John Strain, Controller