KPA and Benefits Exchange Alliance Introduce a Complete Solution for Dealership Benefit Management

by Allyson Harris on July 11, 2013

Lafayette, CO (July 12, 2013) – KPA offers expert Human Resources Management consultation, which is complemented by Benefits Exchange Alliance (BXA), a national health care insurance brokerage firm that provides expert planning and strategy, design and pricing, execution and delivery, and ongoing measurement for insurance policies. Together, KPA and BXA provide a powerful Affordable Care Act solution to dealerships:

  • Comprehensive compliance services with no incremental expense.
  • Integrated payroll and benefits administration services at well below market fees.
  • Better use of health care plans and services by our client’s engaged workforce.
  • Unique carrier funding options for comprehensive wellness programs.
  • Significant discounts on KPA’s HR Management software for clients using both BXA and KPA solutions.

Combining expert KPA Human Resources Management consultants and BXA’s knowledge provides a comprehensive package to auto dealers. “To pay or play is a difficult decision; what this really boils down to, is if you are a large employer you must decide if you are going to offer affordable benefits or if you are going to pay taxation or a penalty for those benefits. KPA and BXA are working in tandem to provide guidance, support, and information to help ease the difficulty of this reform,” said Adam Devone, Chairman, BXA.

Together, KPA and BXA offer a more powerful solution than has previously been available to dealerships. The pairing of KPA and BXA’s products results in better benefit programs and significant discounts for Human Resources Management clients. “Big changes are coming in health care. KPA and BXA can help you execute the complexities of the health care reform, as well as design a benefit program that is favorable to your dealership. Ultimately, you have the responsibility and accountability for executing everything inside of the health care reform. Our goal is to help dealerships with this challenging transition,” said Kathryn Carlson, Director, HR Management Products, KPA.

About KPA

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About BXA

BXA is a tenured health and welfare benefits company providing comprehensive carrier independent benefit plans, benefits administration technology, PPACA consulting and compliance and award winning service to employers and dealerships in nearly every state. BXA services both small and large group health plans. For more information, visit

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Allyson HarrisKPA and Benefits Exchange Alliance Introduce a Complete Solution for Dealership Benefit Management