Pop Quiz: Emergency Response

on November 18, 2019

Fires, spills, floods, power outages, active shooter events—emergencies can happen anywhere, any time, frequently when people least expect them. After all, if emergencies were predictable, they wouldn’t really count as emergencies, right?

But unpredictable doesn’t mean unmanageable. It’s how you respond to an emergency that matters. An effective emergency response program can prevent the domino effect—the phenomenon in which an already urgent situation spirals out of control, causing further catastrophes. 

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It’s the difference between dealing with one emergency and multiple emergencies.

Do you know the key components of an emergency response program and emergency response training for employees? Is your organization well-equipped in the event of an emergency? Find out by taking KPA’s Emergency Response Pop Quiz.

Each quiz question below is adapted from material in our training resources. See if you can answer these real compliance questions correctly.

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Making a Safety Culture Truly Cultural


We hear the term "safety culture" thrown around a lot today. But does it mean anything?

This white paper reviews what safety looks like today, where safety needs to change, and how to create a safety culture.


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Toby GrahamPop Quiz: Emergency Response

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