California HR Update, August 2019

on August 9, 2019

Court of Appeals Upholds Labor Wage Decision

Who: All California employers

When: Effective Immediately


The California Court of Appeals upheld a decision regarding what information must appear on wage statements.

Labor Code Section 226 requires California employers provide the following information in their itemized wage statements:

  • Gross wages earned
  • Total hours worked
  • Specific information for employees paid on a piece-rate basis
  • All deductions
  • Net wages earned
  • Pay period
  • Employee’s name and identifying information
  • Name and address of the legal entity that is the employer
  • All applicable hourly rates

The lawsuit regarded a discrepancy in the company name appearing on a statement, “YRC Freight,” the name used on the statements, versus “YRC Inc.,” the name registered with the Secretary of State. The suit also contended that the complete address was incorrect because it didn’t use the zip code+4 digits.

Upon review, the Court declared there was no confusion about who the employer was despite two name variations. “YRC Freight” is registered with the local counties and is used in all statewide business. Additionally, the address provided was correct.


Although there is small flexibility in your wage statement information, review your statement template to ensure all required information is consistent and accurate.

Read more about August’s federal regulatory updates.

Emily Hartman

Emily Hartman

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Emily HartmanCalifornia HR Update, August 2019

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